About Us

Saori's Story

Born in Panama, she remembers having her first riding lesson at the tender age of 4. Little did she know riding horses was going to become part of her life.

Saori grew up looking up to her parents who were both self-made, successful entrepreneurs. They have always shown her that you can accomplish anything you want in life as long as you love what you do and work hard to get it.

Coming from a multicultural background - Japanese, Spanish and Panamanian, have given her an incredible edge and exposure. Her passion for the outdoors, art and horses has been instrumental in her quest for perfection and balance; she has used all her influences in all her creative expressions.

After an attempt to work with her mother in the restaurant business, she observed how her mother loved all the aspects of food preparation and the culinary experience, but she didn’t feel the same way.

She realized that whatever she wanted to do in life, she first had to love it. It was then in 2015 when she started Casa Borrell.

Through her designs, she transmits her love for horses and her passion for Equestrian Sports.

She continued pursuing her career as a rider but after a very bad riding accident, she decided to focus on her designs and Casa Borrell with intensity. She continues to ride and she has incorporated her knowledge and pleasure in riding, by carefully mastering her designs for comfort, durability and style.


Our Mission

Casa Borrell is an exclusive line for women. Our objective is to design classy, technical garments for the modern equestrian. We utilize the finest materials, eco-friendly, to deliver the highest quality garments while reducing our environmental foot print.